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What is ZaxbysListens?

ZaxbysListens is a special program by Zaxbys where they want to know what you think about their food and service. And guess what? If you tell them, they’ll give you free food as a thank you!

How Do I Take the ZaxbysListens Survey?

Taking the ZaxbysListens survey is easy-peasy. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Visit the Website Go to on your computer or phone.

Step 2: Answer Questions They’ll ask you questions about your recent visit to Zaxbys. What did you order? How was the service? Did you like the food?

Step 3: Share Your Thoughts Tell them honestly if you liked everything or if there were things you didn’t like. They want to know it all!

Step 4: Get Rewarded The cool part is, your feedback helps Zaxbys get better, whether it’s good or not-so-good. And as a thank you, you’ll get a special code for a Free Big Zax Snak. Yum!

Why Does Zaxbys Want My Opinion?

Zaxbys cares about what you think because they want to make their restaurant even better. They use your feedback to figure out what’s working and what needs improvement. So, your opinion is super important to them!

What Do They Ask in the Survey?

The survey asks questions about things like the food, how clean the restaurant is, how fast your order came, and if the staff was friendly. It’s like giving your thoughts on everything about your Zaxbys visit.

Your Opinion Matters

It doesn’t matter if your thoughts are good or not-so-good. Zaxbys will use all your feedback to make things better. So, don’t be shy – tell them what you really think, and enjoy your Free Big Zax Snak as a tasty bonus!

How Can I Enter the Zaxbys Survey at

Entering the Zaxbys survey is as easy as ordering your favorite meal. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Visit Zaxbys First, go to any Zaxbys restaurant and order something tasty. Yum!

Step 2: Keep Your Receipt Hold on to your receipt – you’ll need it for the survey.

Step 3: Go Online Next, hop on the internet and go to

Step 4: Find the Code Look on your receipt for a special code. It’s like your ticket to the survey.

Step 5: Start the Survey Click the “Start” button on the website. It’s time to share your thoughts!

Step 6: Answer Questions Answer the questions that pop up on your screen. They’ll ask how often you eat at Zaxbys and how you ordered your food – for example, delivery or eating inside the restaurant.

Step 7: Rate Your Visit Tell them how happy you were with your latest Zaxbys visit. You can choose from different options.

Step 8: Be Honest Remember to be honest and share your real opinions about your experience.

Step 9: Complete the Survey Keep going until you’ve answered all the questions. It helps Zaxbys a lot!

Step 10: Share Your Contact Give them your contact info, like your phone number and email. They need this to send you your reward.

Step 11: Submit Your Feedback Click “Submit,” and you’re done! You’ll see a message that says “Thank You.”

Step 12: Get Your Reward Now, the best part – they’ll give you a special code. Write it down on your receipt. This code is like a ticket to a Free Big Zax Snak! Delicious!

Rules & Things to Know

  • The survey is only for folks living in the USA.
  • You need to be 18 years old or older.
  • You can only enter once with one survey code.
  • You can take the survey once every month.
  • The free treat is only for in-restaurant orders, not for online orders.
  • Sorry, no cash or other stuff instead of the free treat.
  • Make sure to use your coupon code within 30 days.
  • The free snack offer depends on availability, so grab it while you can.
  • Zaxby’s restaurant workers and their families can’t join the survey.

What Questions Will They Ask You at

Wondering what they’ll ask you in the survey? Here are some of the things you might be asked:

1. How Did You Like Your Zaxbys Experience? They’ll want to know if you had a good time overall at Zaxbys. Did you leave happy or not-so-happy?

2. What Did You Order? Tell them what delicious Zaxbys food you got on your last visit. Did you go for the chicken tenders or something else?

3. How Fast Was Your Order? Did they serve your food quickly, or did you have to wait a long time?

4. How Was the Service and Place? Share your thoughts about the restaurant itself. Was it clean and tidy? Did the staff treat you nicely?

5. How Did the Cook Do? Did the chef make your food just the way you like it, or was there something off?

6. Any Problems? If you had any issues during your visit, they want to hear about it. They’re all ears!

7. Cleanliness Inside the Restaurant They’ll ask if the place was clean and comfy on the inside. Was it a nice spot to enjoy your meal?

8. Will You Be Back? Are you planning to return to Zaxbys, or will you tell your friends and family about it?

Zaxby’s Guest Survey Terms and Conditions

If you want to participate in Zaxby’s Voice of the Guest Survey and get that awesome validation code, there are some rules to follow:

1. Recent Visit Required You need to have visited Zaxby’s within the last 14 days to take part in the survey.

2. Show Your Receipt Make sure you have a valid receipt from your Zaxby’s visit. It’s like your golden ticket!

3. Get the Free Food Code You’ll only get a code for free food, no cash or anything else.

4. Use the Receipt Soon Your receipt is good for 30 days from when you bought your food. Don’t let it go to waste!

5. Buy Something Fresh To use your coupon, you’ll need to make a new purchase at Zaxby’s.

6. Keep Your Receipt Safe You’ve got to keep that receipt safe if you want to enjoy your free treat.

7. No Cash for Coupons Sorry, you can’t trade your coupon for money.

8. One Coupon Per Person Each person can only use one coupon per visit. Enjoy your meal! Survey Details

Here below is a brief account of the survey –

Survey Name Zaxby’s Voice of the Guest Survey
Survey Official Website
Purchase Required Yes
Survey Reward Get a Free Big Zax Snak!
Entry Type Online
Age Limit 18 Years and Over
Entry Limit One per person per receipt
Receipt Expiry 14 Days

What’s the Prize for Taking the Zaxbys Guest Satisfaction Survey?

You’re probably wondering, “What do I get for sharing my thoughts in the Zaxbys survey?” Well, here’s the tasty part – you’ll get a Free Big Zax Snak as a reward!

How to Get in Touch with Zaxby’s Feedback

Zaxby’s is a popular fast-casual restaurant known for its yummy chicken wings, chicken fingers, sandwiches, salads, and drinks. They’ve been around since 1990, and now they have more than 900 locations all across the USA. If you ever need to reach out to them for questions about a contest or your recent visit, here’s how:

  • Customer Care Number: You can give them a call at 866-892-9297.
  • Address: Their main address is 1040 Founders Blvd, Athens, GA 30606, USA.
  • Phone Number: For general inquiries, you can dial 706-353-8107.
  • Fax Number: If you prefer sending a fax, use 706-433-2330.

In Conclusion

So there you have it! This is how you can score some Zaxby’s coupons for free food by letting the company know how you felt about your visit. It’s pretty simple: just head to a Zaxby’s, share your feedback on ZaxbysListens, and before you know it, you’ll have a Zaxby’s coupon to treat yourself to a Free Big Zax Snak. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Zaxby's Guest Survey?

Zaxby's Guest Survey is an online survey that the company asks its customers to complete after visiting any of its outlets. Through this survey, the company can gather valuable feedback from customers and make improvements to its products and services accordingly.

2. How can I participate in Zaxby's Guest Survey?

To participate in Zaxby's Guest Survey, go to and enter the survey code printed on your receipt. Answer all the questions honestly based on your experience and submit it to complete the process.

3. What rewards do I get for completing Zaxby's Guest Survey?

Upon completing Zaxby's Guest Survey, you will receive a validation code that you can use to redeem the current offer printed on your receipt during your next visit to any Zaxby's outlet.

4. How long does it take to complete Zaxby's Guest Survey?

Zaxby's Guest Survey takes about 5-10 minutes to complete, depending on how long you take to answer all the questions.

5. Can I take Zaxby's Guest Survey without a survey code?

No, you cannot participate in Zaxby's Guest Survey without a survey code. The survey code is necessary to authenticate that you are a customer and have visited any of the Zaxby's outlets.

6. Is my personal information safe while taking Zaxby's Guest Survey?

Yes, your personal information is secure while taking Zaxby's Guest Survey. The company uses industry-standard encryption technology to protect your data, and they will only use it for research purposes.
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