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What is the WinCo Foods Customer Survey?

Have you ever shopped at WinCo Foods? They want to know what you think about their store, and they’ve made it easy for you to share your thoughts. Let’s find out more!

Why Does WinCo Foods Want Your Opinion?

WinCo Foods is a grocery store, and they want to make sure their customers are happy. To do this, they have a special online survey. This survey helps WinCo Foods understand what you like and don’t like about their store, the stuff they sell, and how they treat you.

How Can You Take the Survey?

Taking the survey is super easy because you can do it online. This means you can answer questions from your computer or phone, whichever is more convenient for you.

Why Should You Take the Survey?

Now, here’s the cool part! When you take the survey, you’re not just helping WinCo Foods; you’re also helping yourself. How? Well, because WinCo Foods is so grateful for your feedback, they’re giving you a chance to win something awesome. You could win one of 25 gift cards to WinCo Foods, and each of those gift cards is worth $500! Imagine all the yummy groceries you could get with that.


Topic Details
Survey Name WinCo Foods Customer Survey
Survey URL
Survey Prize Win a $500 WinCo gift card
Receipt Valid 7 Days
Offer Expires
Survey Limit 1 per person, per receipt
Offer Limit Limit one Free item per receipt and per visit

What is WinCo Foods?

WinCo Foods is like a big family of grocery stores, but it’s not like your regular grocery store. Let’s dive into what makes them special!

Where Can You Find WinCo Foods Stores?

WinCo Foods has lots of stores in different states, like Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington. They’ve got a total of 107 stores! Their main office, where they make important decisions, is in Boise, Idaho. Plus, they have five big places called distribution centers and around 15,000 people who work for them.

Why is WinCo Foods Unique?

Now, here’s what sets WinCo Foods apart: It’s not just any company; it’s owned by the people who work there! This means if the employees do a great job, they get a piece of the pie, or in this case, a piece of the profits.

A Bit of History

Back in 1967, two guys named Ralph Ward and Bud Williams started this company. But they didn’t call it WinCo Foods back then; it was called Waremart. They had a clever way to keep prices low: they didn’t do extra things like bag your groceries, they only took cash and debit cards, and they bought stuff straight from the farmers and makers.

How to Take the WinCo Foods Customer Survey

Are you ready to share your thoughts with WinCo Foods? Great! Let’s see how you can take their customer survey step by step.

What You Need to Take the Survey

Before you start, make sure you have these things:

  1. A computer with Internet access.
  2. The ability to read English or Spanish.
  3. A recent receipt from WinCo Foods that says you can take the survey.
  4. You must be 18 years old or older to participate.

Taking the Survey Online

Now, let’s get started:

  1. First, go to the website
  2. When you’re on the website, read the small paragraphs at the top of the page, and also check out the official rules of the sweepstakes. It’s important to know the rules!
  3. After you’ve read everything and you’re ready to begin, there’s a button that says, “I agree to these terms and wish to take the survey now.” Click on it, but only click it once.
  4. Next, there will be three short paragraphs about the survey and the drawing. Read them, and when you’re ready, click “Next.”
  5. Now, you’ll need to enter some information from your receipt. Find the store number at the top of your receipt, and there’s even a diagram with a red circle to help you out. Type that number into the first text box.
  6. Look at the bottom of your receipt for the user code. There’s a diagram above the text box with the info in red to help you. Enter that code and click “Next.”
  7. Questions will show up on the next few pages. Answer them honestly and try to be thorough. Your feedback is super important!
  8. After you’ve answered all the questions, you’ll get a chance to enter the drawing. Just follow the directions and type in the info they ask for.

That’s it! You’ve now successfully completed the WinCo Foods Customer Survey. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and good luck with the drawing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Survey? Survey is an online platform launched by WinCo Foods to collect feedback from its customers on their experiences while shopping at any of its stores. The data collected from the survey is used to improve the products and services provided by the company.

How can I participate in the Survey?

To participate in the Survey, you must first visit the official website at Next, enter the 14-digit survey code located on your recent receipt and answer all the questions according to your shopping experience at WinCo Foods.

What do I stand to gain by taking part in the Survey?

By taking part in the Survey, you get a chance to win a $500 WinCo Foods gift card. Additionally, your feedback helps the company to improve its products and services to serve you better in the future.

Who is eligible to take part in the Survey?

Anyone who has recently shopped at a WinCo Foods store is eligible to take part in the Survey. However, participants must be at least 18 years old or above and a legal resident of the United States to qualify for the sweepstakes.

How does the winner of the Survey sweepstakes get notified?

The winner of the Survey sweepstakes is notified via phone and email within seven days of being selected. Therefore, it is important that the participant provides accurate contact information during the survey.

Can I take part in the Survey multiple times?

No. Each participant can only take part in the Survey once in a 30-day period. Multiple entries will be disqualified, and individuals caught participating in fraud or dishonest conduct will be excluded from future sweepstakes.
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