Where To Hide Airtag In Car – A Comprehensive & Detailed Guide

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By Nicholas Russell 5 Min Read
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Why Should You Hide an AirTag in Your Car?

Have you ever lost your car in a big parking lot or wondered if someone is up to no good with it? Well, hiding an AirTag in your car can help you out!

Find Your Car Easily

Imagine forgetting where you parked your car in a huge parking lot. It can be like finding a needle in a haystack! But if you hide an AirTag in your car, you can use it to track down your car’s location quickly.

Keep an Eye on Repairers or Valet Parking

Sometimes, you might need to leave your car with a repair shop or a valet service. You hope they’ll take good care of it, but what if they don’t? By hiding an AirTag in your car, you can check if your car is where it’s supposed to be, giving you peace of mind.

Locate Your Family Car or Members

Have you ever needed to find your family car or check where your family members are without making a phone call? If you hide an AirTag in your family car or their belongings, you can easily track their location, making it simpler to stay connected.

Where Should You Put an AirTag in Your Car?

Okay, let’s talk about the best places to hide an AirTag in your car. You might be wondering where to hide it so that it’s not easy to spot, especially by sneaky car thieves. We’ve got some smart ideas for you!

1. Glove Box

The glove box is a great spot to hide your AirTag. It’s out of sight, and you can easily access it when needed.

2. Compartment in the Boot

Another good place is in a compartment in the trunk or boot of your car. It’s hidden away, and most people won’t think to look there.

3. Lining of the Car

You can also tuck the AirTag into the lining of your car. This makes it super tricky for anyone to find it.

4. Under a Small Incision on the Carpet

If you’re feeling crafty, you can hide the AirTag under a small cut in the car’s carpet. Thieves won’t even know it’s there!

5. Near the Tail Lights in the Trunk

Attach it inside the trunk around the opening where the tail lights are. This spot keeps it hidden and secure.

6. Beside the Wheel Repair Kit in the Trunk

If your car has a wheel repair kit, you can place the AirTag there. It’s an unexpected hiding place.

7. Sunglass Holder by the Rearview Mirror

You can put a little command strip on the back of the AirTag and place it in the sunglass holder by the rearview mirror. This location gives the AirTag the best range and accuracy for tracking.

8. Inside the Front Bumper with Gorilla Tape

For extra stealth, use Gorilla tape to attach the AirTag on the inside of the front bumper. It’s a clever hiding spot.

9. Inside the Dash or Near the Speaker

You can remove a portion of the dashboard and hide the AirTag inside the car. Some people also suggest taking out the speaker, which works well.

10. In a Hatchback’s Storage Cubby

If you have a hatchback, consider putting an AirTag in the hatch area in a storage cubby. It’s a hidden nook.

11. Under the Driver’s Seat

Tucking the AirTag under the driver’s seat is another good option. It stays hidden and is easy to reach when needed.

12. On the Car Wheel Rim

You can attach the AirTag to the rim of the car wheel. It’s an unexpected place that provides good tracking.

13. Under the Middle Headrest

If your car has a middle headrest, you can hide the AirTag there. It’s not a place thieves would typically check.

14. In the Passenger Side

Placing the AirTag on the passenger side is a smart move. It’s more likely to be triggered if someone passes by your parked car roadside.

So, there you have it! These are some clever spots to hide your AirTag in your car, ensuring it’s safe and discreet. Now you can keep track of your car and its whereabouts with peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I hide an AirTag in the glove compartment of my car?

Yes, you can hide an AirTag in the glove compartment of your car. It is a commonly chosen spot as it provides easy access and is less likely to be discovered.

2. How about hiding an AirTag under the car seat?

Hiding an AirTag under the car seat is another popular option. It allows for discreet tracking and is not easily noticeable by others.

3. Is it safe to hide an AirTag in the trunk of my car?

Yes, hiding an AirTag in the trunk of your car can be a safe option. Ensure it is well hidden and won't easily move around to avoid accidental discovery.

4. Can I hide an AirTag behind the car's infotainment system?

Hiding an AirTag behind the car's infotainment system can be a clever hiding spot. However, it requires careful placement to ensure it doesn't interfere with the system's functionality.

5. What about hiding the AirTag inside the spare tire compartment?

Yes, hiding the AirTag inside the spare tire compartment is a viable option. It offers good concealment while maintaining easy access for tracking purposes.

6. Is it possible to hide an AirTag in the car's door panel?

Hiding an AirTag in the car's door panel can be challenging but possible. You may need to disassemble some parts to find suitable hiding spots, but be cautious not to cause any damage.
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