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What’s the TESCO Guest Satisfaction Survey All About?

Have you ever shopped at Tesco and wanted to tell them how your shopping trip went? Well, the TESCO Guest Satisfaction Survey is here to let you do just that! It’s like talking to Tesco about your shopping experience.

Why Does Tesco Want to Hear from You?

Tesco really cares about what you think. They want to know what you liked and didn’t like about your recent shopping trip. They collect this information to make their products and services better for you.

How Do You Take the Survey?

Taking the survey is super easy! You don’t need to write a long essay. It’s just a simple online questionnaire. It won’t take you more than 10 minutes to finish. And guess what? You get something in return for your time!

What’s In It for You?

As a thank-you gift for taking the survey, you’ll get 25 Clubcard points. These can add up and get you some cool stuff later. Plus, there’s a chance to win a £1,000 Tesco gift card! That’s like having a thousand pounds to spend at Tesco.

Where Can You Find the Survey?

You can find the survey on the internet at www.tescoviews.com. It’s easy to access, and you can take it whenever you want.

Why Does Your Opinion Matter?

Tesco wants to hear from you, whether you had a super awesome shopping trip or faced some issues. Your thoughts can help them make Tesco even better for your future shopping adventures. And if there’s a staff member who made your day better, you can give them a shoutout in the survey!


Topic Details
Survey Name TESCO Guest Satisfaction Survey
Survey URL https://www.tescoviews.com/
Survey Prize £1,000 Gift Card
Entry Methods Online and Mail
Entry Limit One/Receipt

What is Tesco All About?

Tesco is a big British company that sells all sorts of things, like food and other stuff you might need in your daily life. They have their main office in a place called Cheshunt, Hertfordshire.

A Huge Team

Tesco has a really big team of over 530,000 people, and they work in 12 different countries. These folks are all working hard to give you the best deals when you shop at Tesco.

Where Did Tesco Start?

Way back in 1919, Tesco started as a tiny market stall in London. Imagine, it all began with just one little shop! But now, they’ve grown into a big company with stores in 12 countries all around the world.

Lots of Happy Customers

Every week, Tesco makes lots of people happy by serving them. They have millions of customers who shop at their stores regularly.

Doing the Right Thing

Tesco is all about being good to their workers, customers, and the places where they have stores. They want to make sure everyone is happy and treated well.

How to Take the Tesco Guest Satisfaction Survey

Taking the Tesco survey is easy, but you need a few things to get started.

What You Need:

  1. A Computer or Mobile Device: You’ll need a device like a computer or a smartphone with internet access.
  2. Tesco Receipt: Make sure you have a recent Tesco receipt that has an invitation to take the survey on it.
  3. Basic English Understanding: You should be able to understand and answer questions in English.
  4. Age and Residency: You need to be at least 18 years old and a legal resident of the UK.

Here’s How to Do It Online:

  1. Go to the survey website at https://www.tescoviews.com/.
  2. Look on your receipt for a 4-digit code and type it in where it asks. Then, click “enter.”
  3. You’ll see a message thanking you for taking part in the survey. You might even win a £1,000 Tesco gift card!
  4. Next, put in the date when you visited Tesco, which is also on your receipt, and click “next.”
  5. Then, enter the time you were at Tesco and click “next” again.
  6. Now, you’ll have some questions about your shopping trip. Be honest and answer them all.
  7. When you’re done with the questions, you might be asked for your personal information. This is so they can enter you into a contest to win £1,000 for shopping at Tesco. And if you have a Clubcard, you’ll get 25 points too!

So, that’s how you can take the Tesco survey online and have a chance to win cool prizes!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Tescoviews.com?

Tescoviews.com is an online platform created by Tesco, one of the largest supermarket chains in the UK, to collect feedback from customers through a survey known as TESCO Guest Survey.

2. How can I participate in the TESCO Guest Survey?

To participate in the TESCO Guest Survey, you need a recent Tesco purchase receipt with a survey invitation. Visit tescoviews.com and enter the survey code printed on the receipt. Answer a series of questions about your shopping experience and submit the survey.

3. What kind of questions do I need to answer in the TESCO Guest Survey?

The TESCO Guest Survey will ask you to rate different aspects of your shopping experience such as the quality of products, the availability of items, the friendliness and helpfulness of staff, the cleanliness of the store, and more. You will also have a chance to provide comments or suggestions about your experience.

4. Do I get rewarded for completing the TESCO Guest Survey?

Yes, Tesco offers a chance to win a £1000 gift card upon completion of the TESCO Guest Survey. You will automatically be entered into a prize draw after finishing the survey.

5. Is my personal information safe when I participate in the TESCO Guest Survey?

Yes, Tesco respects your privacy and takes all possible measures to protect your personal information. Any data collected during the TESCO Guest Survey will be used solely for research purposes and will not be shared with third-party organizations.

6. Where can I find the winners of the TESCO Guest Survey prize draw?

Tesco announces the winners of the TESCO Guest Survey prize draw through the survey website and their social media channels. If you are a winner, Tesco will get in touch with you via email or phone.
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