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Heading: What’s the Tell Tims Survey All About?

Do you know about the Tell Tims Survey on It’s a way for you to tell Tim Hortons what you think about their food and service. Your honest opinions can make a big difference!

Heading: Why Your Thoughts Matter

Tim Hortons really cares about what you think. They want to know if you had a good or bad experience. Your feedback helps them make their food and service better for everyone.

Heading: Be Honest and Share Your Ideas

It’s super important to answer the survey questions truthfully. Even if you didn’t like something, tell them! Your answers can help Tim Hortons improve so that your next visit is even better.

Heading: Your Feedback Makes a Difference

Tim Hortons listens to you. Your suggestions can help them make their food and service even more awesome. So, when you answer the survey, make sure your answers show what you really think and what you want from Tim Hortons.

Heading: Don’t Forget the Comments Section

If the survey doesn’t ask about something important to you, don’t worry. There’s a comments section where you can write down your thoughts. Tim Hortons wants to hear it all!


Topic Details
Survey Name Tell Tims Survey
Survey URL
Survey Prize Get a 10 Pack of Timbits for $1!
Survey Method By Online
Receipt Valid 7 Days
Survey Limit 1 per person, per receipt
Coupon Valid and Limit 30 Days after survey completion, One coupon per visit

Heading: Let’s Learn About Tim Hortons!

Have you heard about Tim Hortons? It’s a fast-food place all the way from Canada that’s famous for serving yummy doughnuts and coffee. Let’s dive into some cool facts about it!

Heading: The Beginning with Tim Horton

Tim Hortons started in 1964, and guess who started it? Tim Horton himself! He wasn’t just any guy; he was a hockey superstar from Canada. So, it’s named after him!

Heading: Growing Really Fast

After Tim Horton opened the first one, Tim Hortons became super popular. It grew really quickly and even became bigger than McDonald’s in Canada! That’s pretty impressive, right?

Heading: Tim Hortons Around the World

As of September 2014, there are about 3,600 Tim Hortons locations in Canada. But it didn’t stop there! They also have 869 stores in the United States and 56 in the Persian Gulf. So, you can find Tim Hortons in many places!

Heading: Changes and Staying Strong

Tim Hortons has seen a lot of changes and joined up with other companies along the way. But through it all, the brand has stayed strong. They’ve opened stores not just in Canada but also in the United Kingdom and Asia. So, they’re known all around the globe!

That’s a little bit about Tim Hortons, the doughnut and coffee place that started small but became a big deal in the world of fast food. Cool, right?

Heading: How to Take the Tell Tims Survey

Wanna know how to take the Tell Tims Survey? It’s easy! Here’s what you’ll need and what to do:

Heading: What You Need

First, you gotta have a few things ready:

  1. A smart device like a phone or computer.
  2. Internet connection to go online.
  3. A receipt from Tim Hortons.
  4. A few minutes of your time.
  5. You should be able to understand English.

Heading: Taking the Survey Online

Now, let’s go step by step:

  1. Go to this website:
  2. Choose your preferred language.
  3. Look at your receipt and find the survey code. Type it in and click ENTER.
  4. Rate how your dining experience was from the options they give you.
  5. Tell them what kind of stuff you bought.
  6. Say how satisfied you were with the restaurant.
  7. If you had any problems, write them down.
  8. Answer a few more questions about your visit.
  9. Finish the survey and hit submit.

Heading: Get a Special Code

After you’re done, they’ll give you a special code. Write it down! When you visit Tim Hortons next time, you can use this code to get a little gift or something nice.

That’s it! Now you know how to take the Tell Tims Survey and maybe get a little treat from Tim Hortons. Cool, right?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is survey? survey is an online feedback questionnaire created by Tim Hortons, a Canadian multinational fast-food restaurant chain. The survey aims to receive valuable feedback and opinions from customers about their recent dining experiences at the restaurant.

2. What are the eligibility criteria for survey?

In order to participate in survey, you should be a legal resident of Canada and at least 18 years old. Furthermore, you must have a recent purchase receipt from Tim Hortons restaurant.

3. What are the benefits of participating in survey?

Participants who complete the survey can get a chance to win several exciting prizes. The customers can get a 10 pack of Timbits for $1 or a free coffee on their next visit. Apart from this, participants can also give their valuable feedback to the restaurant.

4. Can we take survey multiple times?

No, customers can only participate in survey once per receipt. But, you can still visit the restaurant again and get a new receipt for a chance to participate in the survey.

5. Where can we find survey?

To participate in survey, customers can visit the official website or can access the survey via the official mobile application of Tim Hortons.

6. How long does survey take to complete?

The survey takes only a few minutes to complete and consists of questions regarding your recent dining experience at Tim Hortons. The questions will be about the quality of food, service, and cleanliness, among others.
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