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What is Subway Listens?

Subway Listens is a cool program where you can share your thoughts about Subway and get rewarded with free cookies! It’s like a survey, and you can find it at They really want to know what you think about their food and service.

Why Does Subway Want to Hear From You?

Subway wants to know if you’re happy with your visit and what you like or don’t like about their food and service. Your honest feedback helps them make things better.

How Does the Subway Listens Survey Work?

When you visit Subway, they give you a receipt. You’ll need that receipt to take the survey. Here are some rules you should know before taking part:

1. You Need to Make a Purchase: You have to buy something at Subway to take the survey.

2. Where You Live Matters: Only people in the US, Mexico, and the UK can join in.

3. Be at Least 18: You have to be 18 years old or older to participate.

4. Use Your Real Receipt: Make sure your receipt is real and from Subway.

5. One Survey a Month: You can only do one survey per month.

6. Finish in 5 Days: After you get your receipt, you should do the survey within 5 days.

7. Wait 7 Days: You have to wait a week before doing another survey.

8. No Trading Prizes: You can’t swap your prize for something else.

9. Use Your Receipt Soon: Your receipt is only good for 30 days after you buy something at Subway.

10. No Combining Offers: The free cookies prize can’t be used with other deals or for online orders.

11. Have an Email: You’ll need an email address to do the survey.

12. Spend 5 Minutes: It’ll take about five minutes to complete the survey.

13. Subway Workers Can’t Join: If you work at Subway, you can’t take part in the survey for free cookies.

How to Join the TellSubway & Subway Listens Survey?

Would you like to win a free cookie from Subway? Here’s how you can do it by taking the Subway Listens Survey. Follow these easy steps:

1. Make a Purchase: First, buy something at any participating Subway and keep the receipt.

2. Visit the Survey Website: Go to the Subway survey website, which is, but make sure to do this within 5 days of your purchase.

3. Provide Your Information: Enter your email address, your first and last name, and then click on “Begin Survey” to start.

4. Read the Rules: Before you begin, it’s important to read and understand the terms and conditions.

5. Get Your Receipt: You’ll need your Subway Store number and Term ID-Trans from your receipt. Also, choose the date and time when you made your purchase.

6. Answer Questions: Now, you’ll start answering questions about your last visit to Subway. You’ll say how you got your food, like if you ate in the restaurant or had it delivered. You’ll also mention how often you go to Subway and rate things like the service, food, staff, cleanliness, and the atmosphere.

7. Be Honest: It’s important to answer all the questions honestly to help Subway improve.

8. Share Your Email: After you finish answering the questions, share your personal email address.

9. Submit Your Feedback: Then, submit your feedback in the Subway Survey.

10. Get Your Offer Code: When you’re done with the survey, you’ll see a special offer code on your screen. Write this code on your purchase receipt and use it on your next visit to Subway.

Important Details:

  • You need to visit Subway within 5 days of your original purchase.
  • You must have a valid receipt from Subway.
  • The offer code you get is for free food only.
  • Your receipt is good for 30 days from when you made the purchase.
  • You can use one coupon per visit.
  • Keep your receipt safe to redeem the offer.
  • You can’t exchange the coupons for cash.

What’s the Deal with the Subway Listens Survey?

So, you might be wondering, what’s this Subway Listens Survey all about? Well, it’s like when you tell your friends about your favorite place to eat, but Subway wants to hear it from you directly. They’ve got this online thing where you can give them your honest thoughts and ideas about your visit.

Here’s What They Want to Know:

  1. Overall Experience: They want to know how much you liked being at Subway.
  2. Tasty Food: Did you enjoy the food? Was it yummy?
  3. Hot or Not: Was your food warm and delicious?
  4. Service and Place: How were the people who worked there? Was the place clean and nice?
  5. Inside Look: What did it look like inside the restaurant? Was it neat and tidy?
  6. Price and Quality: Did you think the food was worth the price? Was it good quality?
  7. The Chef: How was the person who made your food? Did they make it just the way you wanted?
  8. Fast or Slow: Did they give you your order quickly, or did you have to wait a long time?
  9. Any Problems?: Did you have any issues during your visit?
  10. Will You Come Back? Would you visit again, and would you tell your friends and family to go there too?

What Do You Need to Do the Survey?

To take part in this Subway survey, you’ll need a few things:

  • A receipt from Subway that’s not older than 5 days.
  • You should know either English or Spanish.
  • A computer or a mobile device with an internet connection.
  • Any web browser you like to use.

What Can You Get from the Subway Survey?

So, you might be wondering, what’s the reward for doing the Subway Survey at Subway Listens? Well, here’s the scoop:

Get a Tasty Treat: When you finish the Subway Survey online, they’ll give you something cool called a “validation code.” It’s like a secret code that can get you a free cookie or a free fountain drink on your next Subway visit.

How to Get Your Reward:

It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is answer some questions on the survey, and once you’re done, they’ll give you that special code. Then, just show it on your next visit, and you can enjoy your free treat!

Need Help?

If you ever need some help or have questions, you can reach out to Subway’s customer support team:

  • Phone: You can call them at 1-888-445-9239.
  • Mail: If you prefer mail, you can write to them at Value Pay Services LLC, 9200 S. Dadeland Blvd. Suite 705, Miami, Florida 33156.

In a Nutshell:

So, to sum it up, Subway Listens at is all about making sure guests are happy and finding ways to make things even better. It’s a quick survey that only takes a minute, and in return, you get a Subway survey validation code for free cookies. Sounds like a win-win!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is is the official Subway Customer Survey website that allows customers to provide feedback on their recent dining experience at Subway.

2. How do I participate in the Subway Customer Survey?

To participate in the Subway Customer Survey, you must have a recent Subway receipt and visit the website. Enter the store number, date, and time of your visit to begin the survey.

3. What kinds of questions are asked in the Subway Customer Survey?

The Subway Customer Survey asks questions about the quality of the food, cleanliness of the restaurant, friendliness of the staff, and overall dining experience. Participants can provide additional comments and suggestions as well.

4. What do I get for completing the Subway Customer Survey?

Upon completing the Subway Customer Survey, customers receive a validation code that can be redeemed for a free cookie on their next visit to Subway.

5. Can I take the Subway Customer Survey more than once?

No, customers may only take the Subway Customer Survey once per receipt and per household.

6. Is my personal information safe when I take the Subway Customer Survey?

Yes, Subway takes customer privacy very seriously and all personal information collected during the survey is kept confidential and used only for research purposes.
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