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How Did Sobeys Become a Big Canadian Supermarket?

So, you know Sobeys, the big supermarket in Canada, right? Well, let’s dive into how it all started and why they’re still going strong.

Who Started Sobeys and Where?

Back in the day, way back in 1907, a guy named John W. Sobey had a little business where he delivered meat. But wait, there’s more! His son, Frank, had this bright idea. He told his dad, “Why don’t we turn this meat thing into a full-blown grocery business?” And guess what? They did just that!

Growing Bigger and Bigger

From that point on, Sobeys kept growing and growing. In 1949, they opened their very first self-serve supermarket. Imagine, before that, someone would get your groceries for you! But now, you could grab what you wanted off the shelves. Cool, right?

Spreading Across Canada

As the years rolled on, Sobeys didn’t stop. Every ten years or so, they packed their bags and opened up shop in new parts of Canada. They wanted to make sure everyone in the Great White North could get their groceries at Sobeys.

Why the Sobeys Customer Satisfaction Survey?

But here’s the thing, being a big supermarket isn’t always easy. There’s lots of other stores competing, fancy new tech stuff, and people changing the way they shop. It’s like a big game, and Sobeys wants to stay in the lead.

So, they came up with the Sobeys Customer Satisfaction Survey. It’s like a tool that helps them figure out what their shoppers like and don’t like. Imagine it’s like Sobeys asking you, “Hey, how are we doing? What can we do better?” They want to know how you feel when you shop there so they can make things even cooler for you.


Topic Details
Survey Name Sobeys Customer Satisfaction Survey
Survey URL
Survey Prize Win 1 of 3 $500 Sobeys gift cards
Entry Method By Online
Receipt Valid Within 7 Days
Survey Limit 1 per person, per receipt
Offer Limit Limit one Free item per receipt and per visit

Can You Join the Survey and Win Prizes?

So, you might be wondering if you can be a part of this cool survey and maybe win some prizes. Let’s break it down for you.

Who Can Join the Contest?

If you’re a legal resident of Canada and you live in any province (except Quebec), you’re in luck! But there’s a catch—you need to be at least the age of an adult in your province. So, if you’re old enough, you can participate!

But wait, not everyone can join. If you work for Sobeys, its parent companies, franchises, affiliates, and a bunch of other connected folks, you can’t enter. Even if you’re related to them or live in the same house, it’s a no-go for you too.

How Can You Enter?

Good news, there’s no need to buy anything to enter this contest! Here are three ways you can get in on the fun:

Option 1: If you’re a lucky customer at certain Sobeys stores, they might invite you to the survey on their website ( If you join in and give them your name and contact info, you’re automatically entered. And guess what? You can do this up to 12 times during the contest period. That’s a lot of chances!

Option 2: If you’re an AIR MILES member, Sobeys might send you a random email invite to the survey. Just click the link in the email, answer the questions, and fill out the form. But here’s the thing, you can only enter once for each email invite. So, keep an eye on your inbox!

Option 3: Maybe you had a really interesting shopping experience at a Sobeys store, and you want to tell them all about it. You can! Write an essay about your experience and send it to Sobeys before the deadline. Make sure to follow the rules and label it right. Send it here: Sobeys Customer Experience Contest – C/O Marketing, Consumer Insights, 123 Foord Street, Stellarton, Nova Scotia, B0K 1S0, Canada.

What Can You Win in the Contest?

Alright, let’s talk about the exciting part—what you can win by taking part in the contest!

Prizes Up for Grabs

Sobeys is giving away three awesome prizes. Each prize includes gift cards from Sobeys, and the total value is $500. That’s like having five gift cards, each worth $100! Pretty cool, right?

Regional Prizes

Here’s the fun twist: one prize goes to each of these regions—Ontario, the Atlantic, and the Western Region. So, no matter where you live in Canada, you’ve got a chance to win!

Gift Cards, Not Cash

Now, keep in mind that these gift cards can only be used at Sobeys stores, so you can’t turn them into cash. Also, you can’t give them to someone else or swap them for something else. But hey, $500 to spend on groceries and goodies is still awesome!

How Can You Win?

Winning is pretty straightforward. Sobeys will randomly pick a winner from all the eligible entries they receive before the deadline. You don’t need to show up at an event or anything like that to win. And guess what? Even if your name gets picked more than once, you can only win one prize. Fair and square, right?

Equal Chances for Everyone

Every single entry has the same chance of being picked. The odds of winning depend on how many entries Sobeys gets. But here’s a tip: if you enter through a transaction receipt, you can send in more entries, up to a limit of 12. Just make sure you fill out all the info they need on the entry form.

How Will You Know if You Won?

If you’re a lucky winner, Sobeys or their folks will get in touch with you within 14 days after the drawing. Keep an eye on your phone and email during that time. But here’s the catch: they need to have your contact details to reach you. So, make sure you provide the right info, or you might miss out on your prize.

Claiming Your Prize

If you win, you’ll be asked to visit a Sobeys store near you. You’ll need to show a photo ID issued by the government to prove it’s really you. Then, you’ll sign a release form. There might be some other stuff in an email they send you, so keep an eye out for that too.

Important Stuff to Know

Now, a couple of important things to keep in mind. If they can’t get a hold of you after trying for 7 days, or if you don’t follow the contest rules or answer a tricky question correctly, your prize might be forfeited. But don’t worry! They’ll pick another winner from the remaining entries.

So there you have it! You could win some cool Sobeys gift cards, and it’s all about luck and making sure they can reach you. Good luck, and who knows, you might be the next lucky winner!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mysobeys? Mysobeys is an online platform where customers can participate in the Sobeys Customer Satisfaction Survey to provide feedback on their recent shopping experience at Sobeys stores.

How do I participate in the Sobeys Customer Satisfaction Survey?

To participate in the Sobeys Customer Satisfaction Survey, visit the Mysobeys website, enter the required information from your recent receipt, and answer the survey questions about your shopping experience at Sobeys.

What kind of questions will be asked in the Sobeys Customer Satisfaction Survey?

The questions in the Sobeys Customer Satisfaction Survey will be related to your recent shopping experience at Sobeys stores. You will be asked about the quality of products, store cleanliness, staff behavior, and overall shopping experience, among other things.

What is the purpose of the Sobeys Customer Satisfaction Survey?

The purpose of the Sobeys Customer Satisfaction Survey is to gather feedback from customers to improve the quality of service and products offered at Sobeys. It helps Sobeys determine what they are doing well and where they need to improve to meet customer expectations.

Are there any rewards for participating in the Sobeys Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Sobeys offers a chance to win a $1,000 Sobeys Gift Card to customers who participate in the Sobeys Customer Satisfaction Survey. Eligible customers will be entered into a draw after completing the survey.

Is my personal information safe when I participate in the Sobeys Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Yes, your personal information is safe when you participate in the Sobeys Customer Satisfaction Survey. Sobeys uses customer information solely for the purpose of the survey and does not share it with any third party without the customer's consent.
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