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What’s the Save-A-Lot Food Stores Survey All About?

Imagine you’re helping make your favorite store better! That’s what the Save-A-Lot Food Stores Survey is all about. Save-A-Lot wants to know what you like and what you don’t so they can make your shopping experience awesome.

Why Does Save-A-Lot Need Your Opinion?

Save-A-Lot wants to improve, but they can’t do it without your help. If they don’t know what you like or dislike, they can’t make things better. That’s why this survey is super important.

How Can You Help?

You can share your thoughts by taking this survey. Tell Save-A-Lot what you love about their stores and what they can do better. Your opinions are valuable!

What’s in It for You?

Here’s the fun part! When you take the survey, you get a chance to win a $100 Save-A-Lot food stores Gift Card. Just for helping out, you might get rewarded! So, don’t miss this opportunity to make your shopping experience even better and maybe score a cool prize.

What is Save-A-Lot All About?

Save-A-Lot is a grocery store where you can buy lots of different things, like food and drinks, and they sell them at lower prices than other stores. They have stuff with famous brand names and also things without fancy brand names.

What Can You Find in Save-A-Lot Stores?

When you go to Save-A-Lot, you can find all sorts of things like bread, canned vegetables, snacks, desserts, and drinks. They even have fresh fruits, veggies, and meat. Some of their stores also have a pharmacy where you can get medicine.

How Does Save-A-Lot Keep Prices Low?

Save-A-Lot tries to keep prices low by having smaller stores and they charge a bit extra if you don’t bring your own shopping bags. This helps them save money.

A Bit of History

Save-A-Lot started in Missouri in the late 1970s, and it slowly grew to stores in many different states. In 1993, another company called Supervalu bought Save-A-Lot. Now, you can find Save-A-Lot stores in more than 1,300 places. They’ve been helping people save money on groceries for a long time!

How to Take the Save-A-Lot Food Stores Survey

What You Need

To take the Save-A-Lot Food Stores Survey, you’ll need:

  1. Access to a Computer and the Internet: You should have a computer and be able to connect to the Internet.
  2. Read English or Spanish: You should be able to understand either English or Spanish because the survey is available in these languages.
  3. Recent Save-A-Lot Receipt: Make sure you have a receipt from your recent visit to Save-A-Lot, and it should have an invitation for the survey.
  4. Age Requirement: You need to be 18 years old or older to participate in the survey.

Taking the Survey Online

Here are the steps to take the survey online:

  1. Visit the Survey Website: Go to www.Savealotlistens.com.
  2. Choose Your Language: At the top of the page, you can select your preferred language. The page will change to the language you choose. You can pick either English or Spanish. You can also read the sweepstakes rules on this page. When you’re ready, click “Begin Survey.”
  3. Security Check: You’ll see a box with two words in it. Type these two words in the box provided and click “Next.” This is to make sure you’re a real person, not a computer.
  4. Enter Receipt Information: Now, you’ll need to enter the store number and code from your receipt. There’s a link that shows you where to find this information if you’re not sure. Just don’t enter the pound sign (#).
  5. Answer Questions: The survey will ask you some questions. Be honest when answering them and make sure to read the directions carefully.
  6. Enter the Drawing: Follow the directions to enter your contact information. After that, click “Continue” or “Finish.”

That’s it! You’ve completed the Save-A-Lot Food Stores Survey, and you might even have a chance to win something cool in the drawing. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I take the Save-A-Lot Food Stores Survey?

Visit the official website www.savealotlistens.com and enter the required details to access the survey.

2. Is completing the survey mandatory to win $100?

No, taking the Save-A-Lot Food Stores Survey is not mandatory to win $100. But your feedback is valuable to the company.

3. When will the winners be announced?

The winners of the Save-A-Lot Food Stores Survey will be notified by email or phone within seven days of the draw date.

4. Who is eligible to participate in the survey?

To take the Save-A-Lot Food Stores Survey, you must be a legal resident of the United States and at least 18 years old.

5. How many times can I enter the survey?

Each Save-A-Lot Food Stores receipt is valid for one survey entry only. However, there is no limit to the number of times you can enter using different receipts.

6. What kind of questions are asked in the survey?

The Save-A-Lot Food Stores Survey asks questions about your recent shopping experience, the quality of products and services provided, store atmosphere, and the behavior of employees.
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