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What’s the Post Office Customer Survey All About?

Have you ever been to the post office and wondered if they’re doing a good job? Well, the Post Office wants to know too! They have this thing called the “Post Office Customer Survey,” and it’s all online.

Why Does the Post Office Care About Your Opinion?

The post office wants to figure out a few things:

  1. How Employees Treat You: They want to know if the people who work at the post office are nice and helpful to you when you visit.
  2. Are the Services Helpful? They’re curious if the services they offer are actually useful to you. Do you get what you need?
  3. Products They Offer: They want to find out if the things they sell at the post office are what you like and need.
  4. Overall Experience: The post office is also interested in knowing if your visit to their branch was a good experience. Did they take care of you quickly? Did they solve your problems? Would you want to go back?


Topic Details
Survey Name Post Office UK Feedback Survey
Survey URL
Survey Prize Win a $100 gift card
Receipt Valid 7 Days
Offer Expires
Survey Limit 1 per person, per receipt
Offer Limit Limit one Free item per receipt and per visit

What’s the Deal with the Post Office in the UK?

Alright, let’s break down what the Post Office in the UK is all about.

Super Popular Place: The Post Office is like a really big deal in the UK. It’s the largest network for financial services, even bigger than all the banks and building societies put together. They’re not just about sending letters; they do a lot of other money stuff too!

They’re Growing Everywhere: They’re not stuck in the past; they’re moving with the times. They’re growing not only in their branches but also online and through their call centers. This means they can help more people faster, whether you visit a branch, call them up, or use the internet.

Super Experienced: These guys have been around for a crazy long time – more than 370 years! That’s like, way longer than most of us can even imagine.

Loads of Services and Locations: They don’t just do one or two things. They’ve got over 170 different services and products. And get this – they have more than 11,000 branches all across the UK. That’s a whole bunch of places where you can do your Post Office stuff.

Happy Customers: People seem to like what the Post Office does because they have millions of satisfied customers. That’s a lot of happy folks!

Different Kinds of Branches: Out of those 11,000 branches, around 280 of them are run directly by the Post Office itself. The rest have folks called sub-postmasters and partners who help out.

All Kinds of Partnerships: The Post Office doesn’t just do their own thing; they team up with more than 170 different products in four categories. These categories include government services (like passports and licenses), sending mail and stuff, telecoms (you know, phone and internet), and financial services (money-related stuff).

How to Take the Post Office UK Feedback Survey

Taking a survey might sound tricky, but don’t worry, it’s actually pretty simple, just like following a recipe! If you want to give your feedback to the Post Office in the UK, here’s how to do it:

What You Need:

  1. Receipt: You’ll need the receipt from your visit to the Post Office. On it, you’ll find some important info.

Three Key Pieces of Info:

  • Store Number: Look for the store number on your receipt. It’s like the Post Office’s special ID number for that branch.
  • Date: You’ll also need to know the date when you visited the Post Office. That’s when you went there.
  • Time: Don’t forget the time you visited. This helps them know when you dropped by.

Now, Let’s Get Started:

  1. Go online to this website:
  2. They’ll ask you about the type of service you used. Did you buy something or send mail? Let them know.
  3. If you bought stamps, tell them. Stamps are those sticky things you put on letters and packages.
  4. Did you use a self-service kiosk? If you did, give them a thumbs up for that too.
  5. They’ll also want to know which Post Office branch you visited. That’s where they’ll send your feedback.
  6. After you’ve filled out all this info, hit the submit button, and you’re all set! Your survey is on its way to the Post Office, and you’re done.

See, it’s not too tough! Just remember those three pieces of info from your receipt, and you can help the Post Office know how they’re doing. Easy peasy!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Post Office UK Feedback Survey?

The Post Office UK Feedback Survey is an online platform where customers can share their feedback about their recent experiences with

2. How can I participate in the Post Office UK Feedback Survey?

You can participate in the Post Office UK Feedback Survey by visiting their official website,, and completing the survey questionnaire.

3. What kind of feedback is Post Office UK looking for?

Post Office UK values all kinds of feedback, whether it's positive or negative. They want to hear about your overall experience, including the quality of service, product offerings, and customer service levels.

4. Can I leave a suggestion for improvement in the Post Office UK Feedback Survey?

Yes, you can leave suggestions for improvement in the Post Office UK Feedback Survey. They take all suggestions seriously and use them to improve their services and products for customers.

5. Is there a reward for completing the Post Office UK Feedback Survey?

Currently, Post Office UK does not offer a reward for completing their feedback survey. However, your feedback helps them to improve their services and products for you.

6. Is my personal information safe when I participate in the Post Office UK Feedback Survey?

Yes, Post Office UK treats all customer information with care and confidentiality. They store your personal information securely and use it only for the purpose of improving their services and products.
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