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What’s the Pep Boys Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Have you ever been to a Pep Boys store? They want to know if you liked their stuff and service. To figure this out, they made an online survey. It’s on their website,

Why Does Pep Boys Want to Know?

Pep Boys wants to make their store better. So, they need your thoughts. When you visit the store, they want to know if you felt comfy, liked what they sell, and if they treated you well.

Your Chance to Speak Up

When you take the survey, you get to talk about your recent visit. That’s cool because your opinion matters. It’s good to tell people what you liked and didn’t like. When you do, you feel better, and the company learns what needs fixing.

Why It’s Important

Pep Boys wants to know what’s good and what’s not so good. This way, they can make the store even better. Your feedback helps them know what works and what they should change. So, it’s a way for you to help them make things awesome!


Topic Details
Survey Name Pep Boys Customer Satisfaction Survey
Survey URL
Survey Prize Get a Free Coupon!
Receipt Valid 7 Days
Discount Valid 30 Days
Survey Limit 1 per person, per receipt
Offer Limit Limit one Free item per receipt and per visit

Who Are Pep Boys?

Pep Boys is a super old store that sells car stuff. It’s been around for almost 100 years! Three buddies started it in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1921.

Meet Manny, Moe, and Jack

You might know Pep Boys because of three cool guys: Manny, Moe, and Jack. But here’s a secret – those are the real nicknames of the store’s founders! The company’s full name even includes their names.

What Does Pep Boys Sell?

Pep Boys has lots of car stuff. You can find things like cleaning stuff, tires, batteries, brakes, tools, and more. They also fix cars in some of their stores if your car needs some TLC.

Big Money Stuff

Pep Boys makes a lot of money. Like, around $500 million every year! That’s a whole bunch of cash!

How to Do the Pep Boys Customer Satisfaction Survey

What You Need:

To take the Pep Boys survey, you need a few things:

  1. A Computer and Internet: You’ll need a computer and internet connection.
  2. Read English or Spanish: You should be able to read either English or Spanish.
  3. Pep Boys Receipt: You need a receipt from Pep Boys with an invitation for the survey.
  4. Age Requirement: You have to be 18 years old or older.

Here’s How You Do It Online:

  1. Visit the Website: Go to the Pep Boys survey website. You can find it at
  2. Choose Your Language: If you prefer Spanish, there’s a link in the top right corner. Click it.
  3. Pick Your Feedback Type: You’ll see two choices – one for service repair and one for product purchase feedback. If you got your car fixed, click the red link. If you bought stuff, click the blue one.
  4. Answer Honestly: Answer all the questions truthfully and give as much detail as you can. They want to know what you really think.
  5. Get a Free Coupon: After you finish the survey, you might get a free coupon as a thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Pep Boys Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Pep Boys Customer Satisfaction Survey is an online feedback platform designed to gather opinions and suggestions from customers about their experience at Pep Boys. The survey is aimed at helping the company to identify areas that need improvement and provide better customer service.

2. Who can participate in Pep Boys Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Anyone who has made a purchase at Pep Boys can participate in the survey. However, participants must be legal residents of the United States and 18 years and above.

3. How do I participate in the Pep Boys Customer Satisfaction Survey?

To participate in the survey, visit the official website at and enter the 20-digit code located on your receipt. Answer the survey questions honestly and submit your responses.

4. What do I stand to gain after participating in the survey?

Participants who complete the survey stand a chance to win a $500 gift card in the monthly sweepstakes.

5. Can I participate in the survey multiple times?

No, participants can only take the survey once per receipt. However, you can enter the sweepstakes multiple times by submitting separate entries.

6. How are the winners of the sweepstakes selected?

The winners of the monthly sweepstakes are randomly selected through a computer-generated drawing. Winners are notified through email or phone and must claim their prize within the stipulated time frame.
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