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What is KFC?

KFC is a big restaurant that’s famous for its yummy fried chicken. They also have lots of other tasty stuff like chicken tenders, nuggets, sandwiches, and even chocolate chip cookies. So, if you love chicken, KFC is the place for you!

Why is their new website important?

Sometimes, when you go to a KFC restaurant, you might not get the best service, especially if it’s in a faraway place like the Philippines. The KFC headquarters is in Kentucky, and it’s hard for them to keep an eye on all their restaurants worldwide. That’s why their new website,, is super important!

What’s on the website?

The website has something called the “official KFC survey.” Official means that your answers will be looked at by the big bosses at KFC. But for them to understand what’s going on, they need your honest opinions. Your feedback can help them make their restaurants better. If you had a bad experience at a KFC, you can tell them about it in the survey. And if you had a good experience, you can let them know that too.

What happens when you give feedback?

If your concerns or ideas are good and make sense, KFC will take action right away. You might even see changes at that restaurant the next time you go there. And here’s the cool part: when you take the KFC survey, they’ll give you a free chicken Go cup as a thank-you gift the next time you visit their restaurant. So, it’s a win-win! You get to share your thoughts and enjoy some free chicken.

Why Should You Take the MyKFCExperience Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Do you love KFC? Well, a lot of people do! KFC is one of the most famous places for fast food chicken in the whole world. They’ve been serving up delicious chicken for more than 70 years, and you can find KFC restaurants in over 150 countries! But here’s the thing: it’s really hard for KFC to keep an eye on every single one of their restaurants around the world. That’s where you, the customer, come in.

The MyKFCExperience survey is special because it’s super detailed. But don’t worry, it won’t take you too long to answer the questions because most of them are multiple-choice, like picking your favorite flavor of ice cream. And if you still have something important to say, you can write it down in the comments section. Plus, here’s the exciting part: when you take the KFC survey, they’ll give you a free chicken Go cup as a thank-you gift the next time you visit their restaurant. Who doesn’t love free chicken, right?

How Can You Win Free Chicken in the KFC Survey?

Now, let’s talk about the tasty part – winning a free chicken Go cup from one of the best restaurants in the world, KFC! But how do you actually get that freebie after sharing your thoughts on the MyKFCExperience website? And can anyone, from anywhere, get this cool gift?

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Be in the Right Place:

  • The MyKFCExperience website is open to people all over the world. But here’s the deal: only folks in the US, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, and the Philippines can get that free Go cup.

2. Visit KFC Recently:

  • You need to have been to a KFC restaurant recently. That’s because they’ll ask you for a special survey code and the time you visited. If you don’t have those, you can’t do the survey.

3. Speak English or Spanish:

  • You should be able to read and write in either English or Spanish because the survey is in these languages.

4. Get Online:

  • You’ll need to have a computer, laptop, or smartphone with internet access to take the survey. So, make sure you’re connected!

Who Can’t Take the My KFC Experience Survey?

There are some rules you need to know about before you jump into the MyKFCExperience survey:

1. Age Restriction:

  • If you’re younger than 18, you can’t take the My KFC Experience survey. Sorry, you’ll have to wait until you’re a bit older.

2. No KFC Connections Allowed:

  • If you work for KFC in any way, like being an employee, or if you’re part of a KFC employee’s family, or even if you’re an investor in KFC, you can’t take the survey. They want to hear from regular customers like you!

3. Free Chicken for You Only:

  • The free chicken voucher you win in the survey is just for you, and you can use it only one time. You can’t share it with someone else.

4. Recent Visit Required:

  • If you went to KFC more than a month ago, you won’t be able to do the survey. You need to have a valid KFC receipt that’s less than a month old.

How to Take the KFC Survey:

Taking the KFC survey is easy. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Get Online:

  • You can use your smartphone or laptop to do the survey.

2. Visit the Website:

3. Enter Info:

  • On the homepage, you’ll see two boxes. One is for the 17-digit survey code from your receipt, and the other is for the time of your visit. If you don’t have the survey code, choose the right option, and you’ll be asked to enter other details like the store number and ticket number.

4. Choose Your Language:

  • You can pick between English and Spanish on the homepage.

5. Answer Questions:

  • Once you enter the info, the actual survey will start. It has easy questions to answer, and you can also rate your experience.

6. Share Your Info:

  • After the questions, you’ll be asked for your personal details like your phone number and address.

7. Get Your Voucher:

  • Finally, when you’re all done with the survey, they’ll show you a special voucher code. Write it down so you can get your free chicken Go cup at the KFC restaurant.

Discovering the History of KFC

Have you ever wondered how KFC, the place famous for its finger-licking-good fried chicken, got its name? Well, here’s a bit of history for you!

1. The Chicken Wizard Behind KFC:

  • Harland Sanders was the genius who created and shared the amazing recipe for KFC’s special fried chicken. But back in the day, he had a restaurant called “Sanders Court and Café” in the 1930s.

2. Meet Don Anderson, the Sign Painter:

  • Now, here’s an interesting twist! The name “Kentucky Fried Chicken” wasn’t actually Harland Sanders’ idea. It was Don Anderson, who was just a regular sign painter. He’s the one who came up with the name in 1950.

3. From Sanders Court to KFC:

  • At first, the restaurant was called “Sanders Court and Café.” But when Harland Sanders decided to let his friend Pete Harman use his special chicken recipe and open a restaurant, they officially changed the name to KFC.

4. Going Global:

  • KFC was one of the very first American fast-food restaurants to spread its wings internationally. It started doing this a long time ago. Today, you can find KFC in more than 22,000 locations across 150 different countries. That’s a lot of chicken!

5. Your Role in KFC’s Story:

  • KFC has fans all over the world, but they need your help to keep being great. You can make a difference by taking the KFC survey at Your feedback helps KFC stay awesome!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is is the official survey website of KFC, where customers can express their opinions on the food, service, and overall experience at KFC.

Why should I take the KFC customer satisfaction survey?

By taking the KFC customer satisfaction survey, you can help KFC improve its products and service. Additionally, you can win a free chicken GO Cup by completing the survey.

How can I take the KFC customer satisfaction survey?

To take the KFC customer satisfaction survey, visit the website, enter the survey code from your KFC receipt, and answer the survey questions honestly.

How long will it take to complete the KFC customer satisfaction survey?

The KFC customer satisfaction survey typically takes no more than 5-7 minutes to complete.

What kind of questions are included in the KFC customer satisfaction survey?

The KFC customer satisfaction survey includes questions related to the quality of food, service, restaurant cleanliness, staff friendliness, and overall experience.

Is there a reward for taking the KFC customer satisfaction survey?

Yes, KFC offers a free chicken GO Cup as a reward for completing the customer satisfaction survey.
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