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What is Makeyourmands?

Have you heard about Makeyourmands? It’s like a special online survey from Marks and Spencer. They want to know what you think about their store and the things they sell. And guess what? You can win a £50 or €50 gift voucher if you take the survey on their website,

Why Do They Want Your Opinion?

Marks and Spencer really cares about what you have to say. They want to make their stuff better based on what you tell them. So, they made this survey to ask you about your shopping experience.

What’s in the Survey?

The survey isn’t too hard. It just asks you some easy questions about how you feel when you visit the store. It’s okay if you liked everything or if there were things you didn’t like. They want to hear it all because it helps them get better.

Are There Any Rules?

Yep, there are some rules to follow:

  1. You don’t have to buy anything to take the survey.
  2. You need to live in the UK or ROI and be 18 or older.
  3. Only one person can use one email to do the survey each month.
  4. You have to finish the survey during the time they say.
  5. They’ll pick one winner each month in the UK and Ireland, and it’s random.
  6. You can’t enter for someone else, and you can’t get cash instead of the prize.
  7. You have to give them your real phone number and email.
  8. If you work for Marks & Spencer, you can’t enter.

What Do You Need for the M&S Till Receipt Survey?

To do the M&S Till Receipt Survey, you’ll need a few things:

  1. A recent receipt from Marks and Spencer.
  2. Some knowledge of English or Spanish.
  3. A computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  4. A good and safe internet connection.

How to Win a £50/€50 M&S Gift Voucher in a Few Easy Steps

Ready to try your luck and maybe win a voucher? Here’s how to do it:

  1. Visit the Make Your Marks Survey website at
  2. Use the information on your receipt to enter the survey feedback page.
  3. Start answering questions about how your shopping experience was.
  4. Give ratings and answers for questions about the store.
  5. When they ask if you want to join the £50 prize draw, say yes!
  6. Share your info on the next page.
  7. Send in your feedback, and you’ll be entered automatically into the sweepstakes.

How to Take the M&S Feedback Survey at

Want a chance to win an M&S Gift Card? It’s easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Visit You can click on the link or type this web address in your browser to start the survey.
  2. Use Your Invitation Code: Look at your invitation card and find codes A, B, and C. Enter them on the website to get started.
  3. Choose the Date and Time: Tell them when you visited the store by selecting the date and time.
  4. Click “Continue”: Once you’ve filled in the details, hit the “Continue” button to move on and share your thoughts.
  5. Answer the Questions: Wait for the questions to pop up on your screen. Now, you’ll start answering questions about your last shopping experience at M&S.
  6. Rate Your Experience: Use the options they provide to rate your overall experience at M&S Gift.
  7. Give Honest Answers: Be truthful when answering all the questions in the M&S Gift survey.
  8. Share Your Details: Tell them your gender, age, and enter your email address. Make sure to select ‘Yes’ when they ask if you want to sign up for the prize draw.
  9. Submit Your Feedback: After you’ve reviewed everything, click on “Signup for the prize draw” to enter the sweepstakes.
  10. Review and Submit: Double-check your details and submit your feedback. You’ll see a message saying “Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.”
  11. Wait for the Winners: Now, all that’s left to do is wait for the sweepstakes administrator to announce the lucky winners.

Taking the Survey without a Receipt

No receipt? No worries! You can still enter the prize draw. Just follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Choose the “No Receipt” Option: Click on this option to let them know you don’t have a receipt.
  3. Provide Recent Visit Details: Share some details about your recent visit to M&S.
  4. Proceed to Feedback Page: Click “Next” to enter the feedback page.
  5. Answer Honestly: Like before, answer all the questions honestly.
  6. Submit Your Feedback: Once you’ve finished, submit your feedback to enter the M&S prize draw.

Terms & Conditions for Marks & Spencer Prize Draw

Before you jump into the prize draw, there are some important rules to know:

  1. Complete the Survey on Time: You need to finish and send in the survey during the drawing period.
  2. One Entry Per Email: You can only enter the survey once using one email address in a month.
  3. One Winner Per Month: There’s just one lucky winner each month in the UK and Ireland.
  4. No Entries for Others: You can’t fill out the survey for someone else. It’s just for you.
  5. Prizes Can’t Be Shared: If you win, you can’t give your prize to someone else, and you can’t get cash instead.
  6. Not for Employees and Their Families: If you work for Marks & Spencer or are part of an employee’s family, you can’t enter.
  7. Availability of the Prize: The prize they give you depends on what they have available at that time.

Questions to Win Marks and Spencer Survey £250

To have a shot at winning in the Marks and Spencer Survey, you’ll need to answer some questions. Here’s what they’ll ask you:

  1. Overall Guest Satisfaction: They want to know how happy you are with your visit.
  2. How Often You Visit: Tell them how often you go to the store.
  3. Quality of Products and Services: Share your thoughts about how good their stuff is and how well they treat you.
  4. Staff Behavior: Talk about how the staff behaves. Were they nice and helpful?
  5. Cleanliness, Hospitality, and Store Location: What do you think about how clean the store is, how friendly the people are, and where the store is located?

Answering these questions could put you in the running to win £250! So, give it your best shot.

Why Does Have a Survey?

Let’s break down why has this survey:

1. To Understand What You Need: The main reason for the M&S Customer Feedback Survey is to figure out what customers want and how happy they are with what they get. It helps M&S learn about your needs.

2. To Improve Their Stuff and Services: This survey lets customers like you share your thoughts, reviews, and ideas. M&S can use this feedback to make their products and services better.

3. To Know What Makes You Happy: M&S wants to find out if you’re happy with what they sell, and if you want more of certain things in their stores.

So, this survey is a way for M&S to hear from you and make your shopping experience even better.

About MakeYourMandS Survey

Here’s a quick summary of the MakeYourMandS survey:

  • Survey Name: MakeYourM&S
  • Official Website:
  • Do You Need to Buy Anything?: No
  • Survey Duration: Every month, from the first day to the last day of the month
  • Survey Limit: You can enter once with one email
  • Survey Prize: There’s a monthly prize draw where one winner is chosen randomly, and they get £50 or €50 gift voucher. Ten lucky winners get this prize every month.
  • Location: It’s for people in the UK & ROI (United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland)

Helpful Tips for the Marks and Spencer Survey UK

Here are some tips to make sure you have a good chance of winning when you take the Marks and Spencer Survey in the UK:

  • When you go to an M&S store, keep your receipt. That way, you can try to win one of the 10 £50 or €50 gift vouchers. Just use the receipt and follow our guide to do the online survey.
  • Make sure to give the right personal details when you enter the survey. That way, if you win, M&S can contact you easily.
  • You can even enter the survey without buying anything.

Contact Details for M&S Feedback

If you need help or have questions, you can reach out to their customer service team:

  • Phone Number for Store Services: 0333 014 8555
    • Monday to Friday: 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM
    • Saturday & Sunday: 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM
  • Phone Number for Customer Services: 0333-014-8000
    • Open every day: 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM
  • Address: Marks and Spencer Group plc Waterside House 35 North Wharf Road London W2 1NW


So, if you visit any Marks and Spencer store, make a purchase, and then head to to share your honest thoughts on their website, you could have a chance to win one of 10 £50 or €50 M&S gift vouchers.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is is the official website for the Marks and Spencer customer satisfaction survey. It is a platform where customers can share their feedback on their recent shopping experience at the store and help the company improve its services.

2. How can I participate in the survey?

To participate in the survey, you need to have a recent receipt from Marks and Spencer. Visit the website and enter the unique code printed on your receipt. Answer the survey questions honestly to share your views and experiences.

3. What are the benefits of participating in the survey?

By participating in the survey, you get a chance to win a prize of £250. Additionally, your feedback helps Marks and Spencer to improve its services, products, and overall customer experience.

4. What kind of feedback can I provide in the survey?

The survey asks a variety of questions related to your recent shopping experience at Marks and Spencer. You can share your thoughts on the store ambiance, product quality, pricing, staff behavior, and more. Make sure your feedback is specific, honest, and constructive.

5. How long does it take to complete the survey?

The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. The questions are straightforward, and answering them won't take much of your time. However, it is essential to read the questions carefully and answer them thoughtfully.

6. Is my personal information secure in the survey?

Yes, your personal information is secure when you participate in the survey. The website uses encryption technology to protect your data from unauthorized access. Your feedback is confidential and is only used for research purposes.
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