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What is the Kids Foot Locker Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Have you ever shopped at Kids Foot Locker? They want to know how you feel about their store and the things they sell. They made a special survey that you can take online to tell them what you think.

Why Should You Take the Survey?

Your opinion matters! When you answer the survey questions, you help Kids Foot Locker figure out what they’re doing well and what they need to improve. This helps them make their store better for you and other customers.

How Can You Take the Survey?

You don’t have to go anywhere to take the survey. You can do it from your computer or phone. It’s super convenient!

What Happens After You Take the Survey?

Once you finish the survey, you’ll get a special code. Write this code on your receipt from Kids Foot Locker. This code will give you $10 off if you spend $50 or more the next time you shop there.

Remember, You Don’t Have to Use the Code

You don’t have to use the code to leave feedback. It’s up to you. Your thoughts are important, and Kids Foot Locker wants to hear them!

What is Kids Foot Locker All About?

Have you heard of Foot Locker and Lady Foot Locker? Well, now there’s Kids Foot Locker! It’s a special store just for kids who love sports shoes and cool clothes. Let’s learn more about it.

What Can You Find at Kids Foot Locker?

Kids Foot Locker is like a treasure chest for kids who love sports shoes, cool accessories, and stylish clothes. They have a ton of sneakers and other stuff to make you look awesome during your school days.

Who Owns Kids Foot Locker?

Kids Foot Locker is part of a bigger company called Foot Locker Retail. Their main office is in Cleveland, Ohio. They’ve been around since 1988, and they used to have different names like Woolworth’s.

How Big is Kids Foot Locker?

Kids Foot Locker is a pretty big deal! They have over 44,000 people working for them, and they make more than $7 billion every year when they’re open. That’s a lot of shoes and clothes!

How to Take the Kids Foot Locker Customer Satisfaction Survey

Want to share your thoughts about Kids Foot Locker and get a discount on your next visit? Here’s how you can take the survey:

What You Need:

  • A computer with internet access.
  • The ability to read English or Spanish.
  • Your recent Kids Foot Locker receipt, which should invite you to take the survey.

Taking the Survey Online:

  1. Go to www.KidsFootLockersurvey.com.
  2. Choose your preferred language and click “Next.”
  3. Look at the top left corner of your receipt for the store number and enter it. Then, click “Next.”
  4. Answer all the questions about your recent visit. Be honest and take your time to read all the directions carefully.
  5. Once you’ve completed the survey, you’ll get a special validation code. Write this code on your receipt and bring it with you on your next visit to get $10 off when you spend $50 or more.

Now, you’re ready to tell Kids Foot Locker what you think and enjoy some savings on your next shopping trip!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is KidsFootLockersurvey.com?

KidsFootLockersurvey.com is a website for customers of Kids Foot Locker to take a survey and receive a $10 off coupon for their next purchase.

How do I take the Kids Foot Locker survey?

To take the survey, visit KidsFootLockersurvey.com and enter the 24-digit survey code located on your receipt. Answer the survey questions and submit your responses to receive the $10 off coupon.

Is there a time limit for taking the survey to receive the $10 off coupon?

Yes, you must take the survey within seven days of your purchase at Kids Foot Locker to receive the $10 off coupon.

Can I use the $10 off coupon with other promotions or discounts?

No, the $10 off coupon cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts.

Is the $10 off coupon valid on all products at Kids Foot Locker?

The $10 off coupon is only valid on purchases of $50 or more and cannot be applied to gift cards or select brands.

Are there any restrictions on using the $10 off coupon?

Yes, the $10 off coupon is only valid for one-time use and must be used by the expiration date as listed on the coupon.
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