How to Pause or Freeze Location on Find My App

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I’ve figured out some cool tricks to pause or freeze where I am on my iPhone 13 using the Find My app. Why do this? Well, it’s super handy when you want to save your phone’s battery life or keep your location private.

In this easy-to-follow guide, I’ll show you exactly how to stop sharing your location on the Find My app and other apps that might be keeping tabs on where you are. Plus, I’ll answer some questions you might have.

Stick with me if you’re curious about how to take a little break from letting your phone spill the beans on where you are!

Different Ways to Pause or Freeze Location on Find My App

Curious about how to stop sharing your location in the Find My app? I’ve got you covered! Here are three simple ways you can do it:

1. Disable ‘Share My Location’

  • First, open the Find My app and hop over to the “Me” tab.
  • See that “Share My Location” switch? Toggle it off, and voilà, your iPhone won’t tell your contacts where you are anymore.
  • If you’re into the nitty-gritty of the Find My app, check out this article for more info.
  • Want to go incognito for just a few friends? Easy! Click on the “People” tab, pick the person you want to go undercover from, and tap “Stop Sharing My Location.” They’ll get a heads-up when you decide to share your location with them again.

2. Change Sharing Device

  • Got another iPhone lying around? You can make it your location decoy.
  • Open Find My on your spare iPhone, go to “Me,” and select “Use this iPhone as My Location.”
  • Now, leave this phone at home or wherever, and your location stays put there, even if you’re off adventuring somewhere else.

3. Turn On Airplane Mode

  • Another quick fix? Flip on Airplane mode on your iPhone.
  • This stops your phone from connecting to any networks, effectively freezing your location.

These tricks work great for Apple’s own Find My app. But what if you use other apps to share your location? Keep reading, and I’ll show you how to handle those too!

How to Pause or Freeze Location on Third-Party Apps?

Ever wondered how to stop sharing where you are on apps like social media or family tracking apps? It’s actually pretty straightforward. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Dive Into Your Settings
    • Start by opening the Settings app on your iPhone.
    • Navigate to “Privacy & Security” and then to “Location Services.” This is where all the magic happens!
  • Pick the App You Want to Manage
    • In Location Services, you’ll see a list of all the apps that can track your location.
    • Find the app you want to tweak and tap on it.
  • Choose ‘Never’ for Location Access
    • Under “Allow Location Access,” you’ll see a few options. Tap on “Never.”
    • By doing this, you’re telling the app, “Hey, you can’t check where I am anymore.”

Remember, you also have the power to turn off Location Services altogether. It’s right at the top of the page. But a heads-up: this might affect other features on your phone. So, it’s a good idea to adjust settings for individual apps instead.


Alright, let’s sum up everything we’ve learned about controlling your location sharing!

In the Find My app on your iPhone, you’ve got three handy options:

  1. Turn Off ‘Share My Location’: This stops your phone from telling others where you are.
  2. Switch Your Sharing to Another Device: Handy if you have an extra iPhone and want to keep your actual location under wraps.
  3. Activate Airplane Mode: A quick way to go off the grid and stop sharing your location.

And what about those other apps on your phone? Just head to their settings in Location Services and set their access to “Never.” This way, they won’t know where you are either.

Remember, there are lots of good reasons to keep your location to yourself, like saving your phone’s battery, dodging those pesky targeted ads, and most importantly, taking care of your privacy and security.

So, there you have it! Now you’re all set to manage your location sharing like a pro. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be a wizard at keeping your whereabouts just to yourself!


What are the ways to stop sharing my location in the Find My app?

You can disable ‘Share My Location,’ switch your location sharing to another device, or turn on Airplane mode on your iPhone.

How do I stop sharing my location with specific people in Find My?

Go to the ‘People’ tab in the Find My app, select the person you want to stop sharing with, and tap ‘Stop Sharing My Location.’

Can I set a different iPhone to show my location in Find My?

Yes, open Find My on your other iPhone, go to the ‘Me’ tab, and choose ‘Use this iPhone as My Location.’

What does turning on Airplane mode do to my location sharing?

Airplane mode stops your iPhone from accessing wireless networks, which in turn pauses your location sharing.

How can I stop sharing my location with third-party apps?

Go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services, select the app, and under ‘Allow Location Access,’ choose ‘Never.’

Will disabling Location Services entirely affect my iPhone?

Yes, turning off Location Services completely can impact other services and features that rely on location data.

Why might someone want to pause or freeze their location sharing?

Reasons include conserving battery life, avoiding targeted ads, and addressing privacy and security concerns.

Is it possible to temporarily stop location sharing without permanently blocking it?

Absolutely! You can temporarily stop sharing your location by using Airplane mode or adjusting settings in the Find My app, and then re-enable it whenever you want.

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