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 What is the Hooters Guest Satisfaction Survey?

Have you heard about the Hooters Guest Satisfaction Survey? It’s like a questionnaire that Hooters made, and you can find it on the internet at www.hootersfeedback.com. They made it so they can know if you’re happy with the food and service at Hooters.

 Why Should You Take the Survey?

When you take this survey, you’re helping Hooters know what they’re doing well and what they need to fix. If you don’t tell them, they won’t know what you want! Plus, it’s easy to do online.

 Get a Chance to Win!

Guess what? If you do the survey, you can also enter a contest. You might win one of five $100 gift cards to Hooters! But don’t worry, you don’t have to enter the contest if you just want to give your feedback.

About Hooters

Ever wondered about Hooters? Well, they have more than 400 restaurants all around the world! They serve popular American food like burgers, wings, and yummy appetizers. What sets Hooters apart is that they have friendly servers, mostly women, who wear outfits that show off their style and charm while giving great service.

Hooters’ Fun Beginning

Hooters started in Clearwater, Florida in 1983. Believe it or not, the six people who started it thought it would fail, so they opened it on April Fools’ Day! Now, there are two different companies that own Hooters. One is in Clearwater, Florida, and the other is in Atlanta, Georgia. They have lots of restaurants all over, and some are owned by different people.

Fun Fact – Hooters in Las Vegas

Did you know there’s even a Hooters Casino Hotel in Las Vegas? It’s a cool place where you can eat, play, and stay!

How to Take the Hooters Guest Satisfaction Survey Online

What You Need to Get Started

Before you start, here’s what you need to do the Hooters Guest Satisfaction Survey online:

  1. Computer and Internet: You should have access to a computer with an internet connection.
  2. Language: You should be able to read English or Spanish.
  3. Recent Hooters Receipt: Make sure you have a receipt from your recent visit to Hooters that has an invitation for the survey.
  4. Age Requirement: You must be 18 years of age or older to participate.

Steps to Take the Survey Online

Now, let’s see how you can take the survey online:

  1. Visit the Website: Go to www.hootersfeedback.com using your computer and internet connection.
  2. Enter Survey Code: You’ll find a code on your receipt. It’s 14 digits long. If your code is shorter, add zeros at the end to make it 14 digits. Then, type this code into the white box on the website. When you’re done, click the arrow.
  3. Answer Questions: The website will show you some questions. You have to answer all of them before you can move to the next set. Most of the questions will be about your visit to Hooters. But a few will ask about things like your age and gender.
  4. Enter the Sweepstakes (Optional): After you finish the questions, you’ll get a chance to enter a sweepstakes. If you want to enter, follow the directions and make sure you put in your correct information. If you don’t want to enter the sweepstakes, just close your web browser without entering any information. Don’t worry; your feedback will still be sent to Hooters.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Hootersfeedback.com?

www.Hootersfeedback.com is the official website for the Hooters Survey, where customers can share their feedback regarding their recent visit to the restaurant.

2. What is the purpose of taking the Hooters Survey on Hootersfeedback.com?

The purpose of taking the Hooters Survey on Hootersfeedback.com is to help Hooters improve the overall customer experience by providing valuable feedback on their service, food, and environment.

3. Who can take the Hooters Survey on Hootersfeedback.com?

Anyone who has recently visited a Hooters restaurant and has a valid purchase receipt can take the Hooters Survey on Hootersfeedback.com.

4. What are the benefits of taking the Hooters Survey on Hootersfeedback.com?

Upon completion of the Hooters Survey on Hootersfeedback.com, customers will receive a coupon code that can be used to redeem an offer on their next visit to a Hooters restaurant.

5. How long does it take to complete the Hooters Survey on Hootersfeedback.com?

The Hooters Survey on Hootersfeedback.com takes around 5-7 minutes to complete, depending on the complexity of the questions and the quality of feedback given.

6. Where can I find the Hooters Survey on Hootersfeedback.com?

The Hooters Survey can be accessed by visiting www.Hootersfeedback.com and entering the Survey Code, date and time of visit, and Check Number located on the purchase receipt.
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