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What is the Phillips66 Customer Satisfaction Survey all about?

Do you know about the Phillips66 Customer Satisfaction Survey? It’s a cool online survey made by Phillips 66, the gas company. They want to know if you’re happy with their stuff like gas and other things they do.

Why should you take this survey?

When you take this survey, you get to tell Phillips 66 what you think about their store. Did you like it? Did you not like something? They really want to know! This helps them figure out what they’re doing well and what they can do better.

How can you take this survey?

Good news, you can do it online! So, whenever you have some free time, just hop on the internet and visit

What’s in it for you?

Here’s the fun part! By taking the survey, you can enter a contest. If you win, you could get a $25 gift card to buy more gas! They’re giving away 60 of these gift cards, so you might just get lucky.

Some Details to Remember

  • Survey Name: Phillips66 Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Survey URL:
  • Survey Prize: $25 Gift Card
  • How to Enter: Online or by Mail
  • You can enter once for each receipt you have from Phillips 66.

What’s the Deal with Phillips66?

Hey there, let’s chat about Phillips66! They’re a big energy company that does lots of stuff with fuel, and they’re based in Houston, Texas.

Back in the Day

Phillips66 used to be called Phillips Petroleum Company. They started up in 1917, which is a really long time ago! They got super popular because they were doing cool things with natural gas.

Growing and Growing

In just eight years, by 1925, they became the biggest natural gas liquids producer in the whole United States. That’s a pretty big deal!

What They Do Today

Nowadays, Phillips 66 has 15 refineries (those are like places that make fuel) and a whopping 15,000 miles of pipelines (like really long tubes for moving stuff around). You might know them best from their gas stations. They’ve got ones called Conoco, Phillips 66, and 76 in the United States. They’re also in some other countries like Austria, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, where they run gas stations called Jet.

So, they’re all about fuel, from making it to selling it at gas stations all around. Cool, right?



  • Have access to a computer and Internet access.
  • Be able to read English or Spanish.
  • Have your recent Phillips 66 receipt that contains an invitation for the survey.
  • Be 18 years of age or older to participate.


  1. Go to
  2. Read the privacy policy, contest rules and more from this page. When ready, click the start button.
  3. Enter the zip code of the station you visited. This can be found on your receipt. There is an example to the left with the area highlighted in red. There is also a search area to help you. Click search when ready and it will move to the next screen.
  4. Enter the date and time from your receipt.
  5. Answer the questions. There will be two or three questions per web page. Click next to move to the next screen. Please answer questions honestly.
  6. You will be entered into the sweepstakes by entering your contact information. If you don’t want to enter, you can close your browser window.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is is a website where you can take the Phillips66 Customer Satisfaction Survey and share your feedback about your recent experience at a Phillips66 gas station.

2. What is the Phillips66 Customer Satisfaction Survey?

The Phillips66 Customer Satisfaction Survey is a tool used by the company to gather feedback from their customers about their experience at their gas stations. The survey helps them improve their services and products to better meet the expectations of their customers.

3. How can I participate in the Phillips66 Customer Satisfaction Survey?

You can participate in the Phillips66 Customer Satisfaction Survey by visiting and entering the survey code printed on your receipt. Once you complete the survey, you will be entered into a sweepstakes with a chance to win a prize.

4. What are the prizes for the Phillips66 Customer Satisfaction Survey sweepstakes?

The prizes for the Phillips66 Customer Satisfaction Survey sweepstakes may vary, but typically include a cash prize worth up to $5,000 or a gift card worth up to $250.

5. Is there a purchase necessary to participate in the Phillips66 Customer Satisfaction Survey?

No, a purchase is not necessary to participate in the Phillips66 Customer Satisfaction Survey. You can also participate by mail without a survey code. Details on how to enter the sweepstakes without a purchase can be found on the website.

6. How is my personal information used in the Phillips66 Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Your personal information is only used for the purpose of the survey and sweepstakes. Phillips66 will not sell or share your personal information with any third-party companies. Your privacy is important to them and your information will be kept confidential.

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