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What is the Dressbarn Customer Feedback Survey?

Hey there! Have you ever heard of the Dressbarn Customer Feedback Survey? It’s like a questionnaire, but it’s online, and it’s made by Dressbarn. They want to know how much you like their stuff and how happy you are with their services. Why? Well, they want to make their stuff even better and make you even happier! And guess what? You can do this survey from your computer.

Why Should You Take the Survey?

Do you ever feel like telling a company what you think about their stuff, whether it’s good or not so good? Well, companies like Dressbarn actually want to hear what you have to say! They want to know what you don’t like so they can fix it and what you do like so they can do more of it. And here’s a cool part: after you finish the survey, they’ll give you a coupon for 20 percent off that you can print out and use.

About Dressbarn

Now, let’s talk a bit about Dressbarn. It’s a store where professional ladies can get fancy clothes without spending a ton of money. It all started back in 1962 when a husband and wife, Elliott and Roslyn Jaffe, opened the first store in Connecticut. Back then, the store was pretty simple, with not much parking and only a few dressing rooms. But guess what? People loved it!

You might be wondering why it’s called “Dressbarn.” Well, the “barn” part means value or discounts. It’s kind of like saying, “Hey, you can get nice stuff here without breaking the bank.” Nowadays, Dressbarn has its headquarters in Mahwah, New Jersey. It’s a big deal and has been around for more than 50 years, always making sure they have what modern women need. So, the next time you shop at Dressbarn, remember you can also share your thoughts with them through their survey!

How to Take the Dressbarn Customer Feedback Survey

Hey there! If you want to take the Dressbarn Customer Feedback Survey and get a 20 percent off coupon, here’s how you can do it:

What You Need:

  1. A computer with an internet connection.
  2. The ability to read English or Spanish.
  3. Your recent Dressbarn receipt that has an invite for the survey.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Visit the Website: First, open up your web browser and go to this website: www.Dressbarnfeedback.com.

2. Choose Your Language: You can pick either English or Spanish by clicking the right button. Choose the one you’re comfortable with.

3. Enter Your Survey Number: Look at your receipt. There should be a survey number on it. Type that number into the boxes on the website. After that, click the arrow to move forward.

4. Answer Questions: Now, they’ll ask you some questions about your experience at Dressbarn. They might want to know if you plan to shop there again or if you’d recommend it to your friends. Make sure you’re honest and give detailed answers.

5. Get Your Coupon: Once you’re done with the questions, you’ll see a page that offers you a coupon. This coupon is cool because it gives you 20 percent off a regular-priced item. But wait! Before you rush off to use it, be sure to read all the fine print on the coupon. Sometimes there are rules you should know about. If the coupon doesn’t pop up automatically, click on the link that says “Print the Coupon.” And when you’re done, you can close the window.

That’s it! Now you know how to take the Dressbarn Customer Feedback Survey and get yourself a nice discount. Enjoy your shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Dressbarnfeedback.com?

Dressbarnfeedback.com is a survey website that allows customers to provide feedback on their recent shopping experience at Dressbarn. By completing the survey, customers can receive a validation code to use at their next visit.

2. How do I participate in the Dressbarn survey?

To participate in the Dressbarn survey, visit the website at www.dressbarnfeedback.com and enter the unique code found on your recent receipt. Follow the prompts and answer all the questions honestly.

3. What kind of questions will I be asked in the survey?

You will be asked about your recent shopping experience at Dressbarn, including the availability of products, the friendliness of staff, and the cleanliness of the store. You may also be asked to provide additional feedback or suggestions.

4. Can I complete the survey without a receipt?

Unfortunately, you cannot complete the Dressbarn survey without a receipt. The unique code found on your receipt is required to access the survey.

5. How long does it take to complete the Dressbarn survey?

The survey takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.

6. What do I do with the validation code I receive at the end of the survey?

Make sure to write down the validation code on your receipt and bring it with you on your next visit to Dressbarn. You can redeem the validation code for a special offer or discount.

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