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What’s the A.C. Moore Customer Satisfaction Survey All About?

Do you know what the A.C. Moore Customer Satisfaction Survey is for? Well, it’s like when you tell your teacher what you think about a school project, but for a store. They want to know if you like what they sell and how they treat you. Your answers help the store get better and make you happier when you shop there!

What Does A.C. Moore Want to Find Out?

So, what does A.C. Moore want to learn from this survey? They want to figure out a few things:

1. What Makes Customers Unhappy?

Imagine if you had a lemonade stand, and some people didn’t like your lemonade. A.C. Moore wants to know what things they do that make customers unhappy, so they can fix them.

2. What Makes Customers Happy?

On the flip side, they want to find out what things make you really happy when you go shopping there. It’s like asking, “What kind of games do you like to play?” to make sure they have those games.

3. How to Keep Their Workers Happy?

You know how when you’re happy, it’s easier to do your homework? A.C. Moore wants to make sure their workers are happy too, so they can do a great job helping you in the store.

 About A.C. Moore

Before we go on, let’s learn a bit about A.C. Moore. It’s a store that’s all about art and crafts. They started in New Jersey in 1985, and now they have 130 stores in the eastern part of the United States. That’s like starting with one video game and then having 130 to choose from!

A.C. Moore’s Big Goal

A.C. Moore has one big goal: to make you happy when you shop there. They want to give you lots of choices, like having lots of candy to pick from at the store. They also want to make sure their prices are good, so you don’t have to spend too much money. Plus, they want to be super nice when you visit, like when your favorite aunt gives you a big hug.

How to Do the A.C. Moore Survey

Okay, now, how can you take this survey? You’ll need a computer with the internet, and you should understand English or Spanish. Plus, you need a receipt from A.C. Moore. Here’s what you do:

1. Visit the Website:

First, go to www.acmoorecares.com on your computer. It’s like opening a book to read.

2. Pick Your Language:

Choose if you want to take the survey in English or Spanish. It’s like picking your favorite book to read.

3. Use Your Receipt:

Now, look at your receipt. You’ll need to put in some information, like when you shopped, what you bought, and how much it cost. It’s like telling your friend what you did at a birthday party.

4. Answer Questions:

After that, you’ll answer some questions about your shopping trip. Be honest, just like when you’re telling your mom why you came home late from a friend’s house.

5. Get a Special Offer:

Guess what? After you finish the survey, you’ll get a special code. It’s like getting a coupon for your favorite video game! But remember, you need to use it within 30 days.

So, that’s how you can help A.C. Moore by taking their survey. You tell them what you like and don’t like, and they’ll work to make your shopping trips even better!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is ACMooreCares.com?

ACMooreCares.com is an online customer satisfaction survey platform offered by A.C. Moore. The survey is designed to collect feedback from customers and help improve the shopping experience at A.C. Moore stores.

2. What are the benefits of taking the ACMooreCares.com survey?

By taking the ACMooreCares.com survey, customers can provide feedback that helps A.C. Moore improve its selection, customer service, and overall shopping experience. Additionally, customers who complete the survey will receive a validation code that can be redeemed for a discount on their next purchase.

3. How do I access the ACMooreCares.com survey?

The survey can be accessed by visiting ACMooreCares.com and entering the unique Survey Code found on your A.C. Moore receipt. You will then be prompted to answer a series of questions about your recent shopping experience.

4. What types of questions will be asked in the ACMooreCares.com survey?

The survey will ask a variety of questions related to your experience at A.C. Moore, including questions about product selection, store cleanliness, staff helpfulness, and overall satisfaction. The survey is designed to be quick and easy to complete.

5. How long will the ACMooreCares.com survey take to complete?

The survey typically takes 5-10 minutes to complete. However, the length of the survey may vary depending on the number of questions and the detail of your responses.

6. How many times can I complete the ACMooreCares.com survey?

You may only complete one survey per receipt. However, there is no limit to the number of times you can take the survey using different receipts.

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